Q: What is your curriculum?

A: Shanghai Qingpu World Foreign Language Kindergarten was established based on the principle of setting high-quality objectives, following the educational philosophy of “I Make the World Beautiful”, and inheriting the merits of Shanghai World Foreign Language educational culture. We draw on the educational philosophy of IB (International Baccalaureate) PYP (Primary Years Programme), incorporate an inquiry-centered Chinese & English bilingual curriculum, and endeavor to provide children with a natural, free, independent and comfortable environment where they can thrive joyfully.

Our curriculum framework encompasses three areas: core curriculum, featured curriculum, and extended curriculum.

Core Curriculum:

Chinese & English bilingual inquiry courses based on PYP transdisciplinary themes in six subject areas (language, mathematics, science, social studies, arts, personal, social and physical education)

Featured Curriculum:

• Bilingual Culture Courses (Chinese & English expression skills, Chinese cultural heritage, cross-cultural and global awareness)

• Green Development Courses: physical development courses (sports club, international kinesiology course); psychological development courses (sand play, mental health education); and environmental development courses (nature education)

Extended Curriculum:

• Life Skills Center (creative little kitchen, baking, tea ceremony, etiquette, etc.)

• Art Center (art, pottery, dance, etc.)

• Science Center (science and technology, robot, etc.)

• Drama Center (drama education, etc.)

Q:What does a child’s daily schedule look like?


A: In the morning: morning snack and activities; circle time (Chinese & English bilingual activities, flag raising ceremony, etc.); basic course (PYP UOI, bilingual guided reading, etc.); outdoor activities (sports club course, nature education, mini farm, etc.); lunch time (walk, story time, etc.).

In the afternoon: nap time (clean-up, afternoon snack); featured courses, activity courses (children’s art, science, creative life courses); outdoor activities (nature education, weather station, mini farm, etc.); clean-up, dismissal.


Q: Can kindergarten graduates enter Shanghai Qingpu World Foreign Language primary school directly?


A: Shanghai Qingpu World Foreign Language School provides sixteen-year schooling for children from 2 to 18 years old. We strongly value the coherence of education. As long as all formative and summative assessment throughout their attendance at WFLK and evaluation of family-kindergarten joint education meet the graduation standards, every kindergarten graduate can enter our primary school directly. There is no quota.

Q: What does your faculty team consists of? How many teachers in each class?

A: Our faculty team consists of distinguished professional educators nationwide, experienced teachers from top kindergartens, exceptional returnees from overseas, as well as professional foreign teachers from English-speaking countries. WFL Education Group provides training for all faculty members, and centrally manages their posts. All faculty members must have a college degree, and possess professional teaching certifications, in order to guarantee a high-quality faculty team. Each class is equipped with an early childhood teacher, a professional English teacher, a professional foreign teacher, and a childcare teacher.

Q: Do you have accommodation and school bus?

A: In order to ensure children’s physical and psychological health, we let the parents enter our school with their children, creating more opportunities for face-to-face communication with teachers, and jointly be involved with the children’s growth. The school does not provide student accommodations. We are conveniently located at the north side of the intersection of Songze Elevated Road and Panlong Road in Xujing Town, Qingpu District, adjacent to Hongqiao Hub, to the west side of National Convention & Exhibition Center. Currently we do not provide school bus service.

Q: What are your facilities like?

A: Shanghai Qingpu World Foreign Language School covers an area of over 40000, with kindergarten’s total gross floor area of 6000 and outdoor playing area of 3000. WFL Education Group hired an excellent design team from Taiwan to design our kindergarten according to our vision and plans. The entire campus was decorated and equipped based on our curriculum needs. We also set up specialized classrooms such as mini theatre, reading classroom, science exploration room, craft workshop, creative little kitchen, sand play room, etc.). In order to protect children’s health, our decoration materials and furniture are ensured to be environmental-friendly and complied with standards. Our central air conditioning and fresh air ventilation system thoroughly protect children from air pollution.

Q: What are children’s meals like?

A: We have our own independent kitchen, centrally managed by WFL Education Group. Professional dietitians and nutrition staff work full time to set up scientific and nutritious meal plan for our children, so that their daily dietary intake is balanced and varied, and they can enjoy safe and healthy meals.

Q:How can I get admitted to WFLK?



A: Acceptance to WFLK is subject to a selective process. We invite children and parents to visit campus and get to know more about them. During campus experience activities, we have designated teachers to chat or play games with children, so that we can have a basic idea about their interests and abilities, such as their adaptability, independence, language and expression, and body movement, etc. For parents, we would like to know your educational philosophy, parenting style, parent-child relationship, and degree of identification with WFL Education, etc.

Shanghai Qingpu World Foreign Language Kindergarten

Address: 639 Panwen Road, Qingpu District, Shanghai.

Zip Code: 201702

Telephone: 86-21-39886958 / 39886959

E-mail: qpwflk@wfl-ischool.cn

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